About us

MorningsideGifts has been in the gift industry since 1997. We are a family-owned business founded on integrity, respect and care of every loyal customer. Since 1960 we have lived, worked and played on Long Island's East End. We have fished its waters, eaten its harvest, reveled in the rural countryside and cultivated many lasting relationships.

twin fork's rich history

We are celebrating the Twin Fork's rich history in agriculture and resolution to preserve its very essence.  This region is distinguished by its geographical location, surrounded by water on almost all sides - yielding moderate temperatures, mild winters, adequate rainfall, and extended growing seasons. It also boasts well-drained nourished soil and abundant sunshine, making it one of the most renowned agricultural areas in the state. With over 100 different crops grown, East End farmers and producers offer an unrivaled diversity.  We are grateful for the farmers' integrity, spirit, and hard work; for keeping the landscape green, spaces open, and wildlife safe. We are also enamored by the artisans whose passion behind the creation of natural, wholesome edibles and goods is unwavering.

our mission

Our mission is to bring this homegrown goodness to others so they can appreciate its virtue and purity.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to sample and taste the very best of Long Island's East End. From full-flavored grass-fed meats and creamy rich hand-crafted cheeses, to succulent preserves and condiments and a bountiful array of palatable wines.  We hand-pick our monthly selections to bring you what's in season, what is award-winning, what is special, and what is downright delicious.   We've sampled thousands of products and only the best will make it as part of our gift clubs to you.  So enjoy these monthly gifts, curated boxes and crates, and the stories of the special people behind these collections. Flavors and quality the way nature intended them.

customer service

The key to our success has not only been in the products we've selected from a very unique region but also in listening to our customers and providing the best service. We are in the business of making our customers smile.  You will see why thousands of people each month have enjoyed our gift clubs.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with our products, contact us and we'll make it right. If you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money...that is our guarantee!