All of our Gift Clubs

Bath & Body of the Month Club

bath & body club

Treat someone to a monthly collection of all-natural hand-made soaps, lotions, and bath & body indulgences created from pure, ethically sourced ingredients. A set of 3 skin care essentials sent each month.

Cake Gift Club

cake club

Baked in time-honored traditions of generations gone by, these cakes are crafted by expert hands with all-natural ingredients.

Candle of the Month Club

candle club

Inspired by the essence of the East End, these hand-crafted candles come to you from local artisans including Hamptons Handpoured, Whitefield Farm, East End Candle and more. 1 robust or a set of two smaller candles sent each month.

Cheese of the Month Club

cheese club

1 1/2 pound trio of artisanal cheeses including varieties like Atlantic Mist, Herbed Chavre, Cranberry Walnut and more.

Chocolate of the Month Club

chocolate club

A blend of genuine goodness and gourmet artistry, these indulgent recipes are created with all-natural ingredients.  1 pound of assorted chocolates artfully packaged each month.

Coffee of the Month Club

coffee club

These small-batch coffees are produced by east end artisans, each selection offering its own unique flavor profile and aroma.  Each month we send a pair of premium roasts in 12oz portions.

Cookie of the Month Club

cookie club

Created from scratch in small batches, these cookies are made with real butter, pure cane sugar, whole eggs, and other all-natural ingredients.  1 1/2 pounds of cookies delivered each month.

Hot n Spicy Gift Club

hot 'n' spicy club

The East End may be known for its bucolic nature and tranquil spirit, but don't let that fool you when it comes to their love of spice.  Each month includes 2 sizzling hand-picked selections.

Meat of the Month Club

pastured meats club

The East End of Long island abounds with lush pastures and traditional dairy farms. Free from antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids. All meat is USDA approved.  We'll send 5lbs each month mixing the varieties from steaks & ribs to chops & sausage & much more.

Pie of the Month Club

pie club

Honest to goodness pies, every one filled, topped, and boxed by hand. Made with orchard-fresh fruit and other all-natural ingredients. Varieties include Apple Crumb, Mixed Berry, Peach, Maple Pecan and more.

Preserves of the Month Club

preserves club

Fill someone's table with bountiful flavors of the East End - apple cider, berry plum, black pepper fig, raspberry peach and many more.  Each delivery includes 2 jars of preserves, artfully packaged.

Sauce & Spreads Monthly Gift

sauces & spreads club

Discover a palate of flavors from Long Island's East End with this collection of salsas, chutneys, marinades, dressings, dips, pasta sauce and more.  2 jars or bottles sent each month of seasonal favorites.

Soap of the Month Club

soap club

Natural hand-made soaps made the pure and simple way, with essential oils, botanical blends, and raw ingredients. Lavender, chamomile, rosemary and so much more.  2 beautiful, scented bars send with each month's delivery.

Wine of the Month Club

wine club 'discovery tour'

Original, classic series featuring customer favorites and a bountiful, compelling journey through East End Wine Country.  2 bottles sent each month.

Wine of the Month Club

wine club 'limited series'

A treat for the descerning palate, this collection features highly coveted wines with limited production. An unparalleled experience for a genuine connoisseur.  2 bottles sent each month.